One of the main things that stops diets in their tracks is giving in to hunger and other cravings. Part of the key to dieting correctly is to eat foods that are good for you and will leave you feeling full.

But even the best of us are going to have cravings every now and then. If you need a little help in that department, there are natural ways of going about curbing your appetite when you don’t have the willpower to drink a glass of water and let it pass.

Washington Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has the details on four natural appetite suppressants.

  1. PhenQ

In addition to curbing your appetite, PhenQ can give you a boost of energy and it can also block fat production. It contains fiber to help you feel full and caffeine to keep you moving. Because of the caffeine, this is best to take in the morning and at lunchtime.

  1. Instant Knockout

This product can not only leave you feeling full, but it can speed up your metabolism as well. It contains zinc to help glucose metabolism and manage fat in the bloodstream, and it also has green coffee bean, which helps reduce cravings and can actually lower cholesterol. This is a great supplement to take if you’re sitting around at a desk all day.

  1. LeanBean

This supplement is designed just for women, is natural, organic, and has no caffeine, so it won’t keep you awake. This contains a variety of B vitamins, chromium to help balance blood glucose levels, turmeric as an anti-inflammatory, and even black pepper, which serves as an antioxidant. The ingredients are all targeted for appetite suppression.

  1. Phen24

Phen24 targets one of the biggest reasons that diets go off-course—late-night snacking. This contains cayenne powder, which is a natural appetite suppressant and hops extract, which can help with insomnia and get a good night’s sleep for you. And good sleep is vital for overall health and weight loss.

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